Peer Review

Please answer each question on a separate sheet of paper, which you will return to the writer.  Please, be thorough, specific, and critical in your answers.  You want to help the writer have a better final draft.

1.) What are your first reactions to the essay? What do you like about it? What criticism do you have?

2.) Does the essay have a creative title? "Essay 2" is not a creative title. If it doesn't, suggest a possible title.

3.) Does the introduction grab your attention and make you want to keep reading? Give suggestions for improving the intro.

4.) Underline the thesis statement.  Does it have a clear and focused topic, and a slant that takes a debatable position? Is it too broad, too vague, or too narrow?  Give suggetions for improving the thesis statement.

5.) Does the essay flow well from one paragraph to the next? Does the writer create smooth transitions between paragraphs? If not, give suggestions for improving the flow.

6.) Are the body paragraphs well-developed with evidence from research sources, quotes, and specific examples? Indicate paragraphs that need development and give suggestions for improvement.

7.) Is the essay well-organized? Give suggestions for moving around sentences, paragraphs, or ideas.

8.) Does the writer incorporate quotes and paraphrase effectively into their essay? Does the writer introduce and comment on quotes? Does the writer cite his/her sources with in-text citations and a works cited page? If not, give suggestions for better incorporating quotes into the essay.

9.) Is the essay formatted properly in MLA format? See the "MLA Formatting Help" blog link.

10.) Is the conclusion effective? Does it sum up the paper and leave you with something to think about? If not, give suggestions for improvement.

11.) If this was your essay, what is one thing you would be sure to change before handing it in?